LAIMBIO – Laboratory of Medical Image Analysis and Biometrics

LAIMBIO (Medical Image Analysis and Biometry Lab) belongs to the network of laboratories of the Madrid Region. We provide image analysis services to clinical or research centers, and perform research in image analysis and artificial intelligence to improve the precision and efficiency of image-based biomedical studies.


We provide Image Analysis service to clinical and research centers, and develop new methods of acquisition and medical image analysis.


LAIMBIO's research focuses on new processing techniques and multimodal image analysis, with the objective of conducting quantitative clinical trials using medical imaging, accurately and efficiently.


If you need image analysis for a clinical or industrial study, or want to collaborate with us, contact us.

Automatic medical imaging systems are a basic instrument in current medical diagnosis. In LAIMBIO (Laboratory of Medical Image and Biometrics) we are experts in obtaining multimodal imaging biomarkers, in addition to:

* Biomarker Detection

* Classification systems

* Radiology

* Image studies management


Deep Learning, or deep learning, is a technology that allows you to design very complex and efficient classifiers based on labeled image data. In LAIMBIO (Laboratory of Medical Image and Biometrics) we are experts in the design of specific systems for image and video classification, as well as in:

* Synthesis of medical imaging

* Pattern detection

* Image interpretation

LAIMBIO collaborators